Silver - Tylers Wellness

Silver Ticket to the 2020 Club - Young Entrepreneurs Mastermind

This is your ticket to the Young Entrepreneurs Mastermind in 2020.

In Grand Rapids. January 31, 2020

Start your decade off the right way!

2020 is for 2020 vision, and we will help you have clarity on your goals and have a plan to execute too. 

It's time to Make Yourself A Priority!

We will provide specialized talks on Wellness, mindset, nutrition, health, businesses, and storytelling. 

This event will also be for free speech, art expression, and Networking. 

 This silver ticket will provide you with the following benefits:

One FREE Week of Coaching Services.

+ Event Admission 

Empowering environment for young entrepreneurs where you will be able to 

Share skills, ideas, unique qualities, gain visual exposure, and speech experience.

 (You do not have to speak in front of the audience.)


Join today.

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