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Wednesday, lets Build Strong Wealth Habits, Don’t be afraid to be inspired by these ideas

November 23, 2019

Wednesday, lets Build Strong Wealth Habits, Don’t be afraid to be inspired by these ideas

Lets Build STRONG Wealth Habits, 5 Simple Hacks.
Don't be afraid to be inspired by these ideas.
There are but a few things you need in this lifetime to be successful. 
When it comes to building wealth, it comes down to several habits that can be incorporated throughout your day at peak times that will dictate which direction your day is about to go. 
There are several thought processes that the majority of us go through daily that push wealth building away from us. Luckily it is super easy to identify and change these ineffective habits into effective habits to lead us towards wealth building. 
Don't be afraid to be inspired by these ideas, they have been placed here to optimize your wealth building skills. 
This brief video from "Wealth in Wellness" will go over the 5 simple Wealth Building Habits, be sure to take notes and watch this video several times to absorb the information. 
Think on this information throughout your day.
  • Take Action! Start where you stand

There is a misconception that you may have to move to a new frontier in order to be successful. For example, we all have that friend who says that their business would be successful if only they lived in california (if you don't live in a large place like california).

But the truth of the matter is, simply that is not true. California has its own market to compete in. If you can't make it in your current market, how do you expect to make it in a more expensive market?

Slow down, start where you stand. You don't have to move to be successful, you just have to notice what is stopping you from success where you currently are. 

Start right where you are, you will be surprised of the results you get. 

  • Be Creative - Use Your Imagination, Learn Value

Wealth building is the act of building assets to increase the value. If you read the book "Think and Grow Rich" - Napoleon Hill, you will understand how the imagination can help you build wealth.

True wealth can be extracted from your own creative imagination. How many times have gone by where you see a "Simple invention" and say - "I could have thought of that."

You could have, but you did not. That simple idea can be worth millions. Be creative, your creative imagination can solve problems that may seem easy, however those problems are other peoples bane of existence. Solve the problem, you can prosper. 

However, you can't have great ideas if you are always stressed out or thinking about billions of other things. Great ideas emerge when you are at peace, so you need to build up your mindset first. 

  • Trust Yourself, Trust The Process - Don’t Worry
This one is simple, if you don't believe in yourself - how would you expect others to? Trust your ability, believe in yourself and others will believe in you. 
  • Plan to Give, eliminate negative connotations about making a lot of money

Mental stigma can subconsciously be created about making money based upon your peer groups. When you plan to give or donate, you will be able to remove that negative connotation about making money.

Plan to give to some type of charity before you earn the money. Be an open hand rather than a closed one. 

  • Program Your Mind For Success

These habits and tips as simple as they sound -- are not easy to execute and maintain. You will have to actually WANT to make this change. If you don't make it your burning desire and etch this into your personal philosophy, these ideas will remain just ideas and never transpire into your wealth. 

In order for change to happen, you can't do the same things you've always done. You have to be open to changing your mind.

Make Yourself A Priority, feel free to check out other of our blogs. You may also like the content that we have on the Wealth in Wellness Youtube Channel. 

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