3 Easy Steps To Reinvent Yourself + BONUS Tips on How To Build Stronger Healthy Habits Towards A Successful Life

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How To Reinvent Yourself + BONUS Tips on How To Build Stronger Healthy Habits Towards A Successful Life


Wouldn't you like yo know the "Secret" that brings people up from rags to riches? The same secret formula can be applied in your life just as easily as it was applied to many successful business owners as well.

If you are like many people who go day to day and just hope for the weekend or some big plan you have coming up, you are not alone.

In fact, this is such a widespread mindset that we have been asked to multiple times to help save people from their "cookie cutter" lifestyle that is devoid of excitement.
These are some of the steps that personally we have used and tested. These have learned and shared among hundreds of people who find themselves in that same mindset.

1. Believe First it is Possible - You Invented up to this point.
Get your mind out of the past and live in the moment.

The world we live in has become so busy and noisy that we often think of thousands of other things rather than the task at hand.

It is not a bad thing to think about other moments in time, if it stops at just a brief thought, however that is often not the case. Realize You Have To Shift Your Mindset back to the present. - You have to think.

Think about what tense you were just thinking in. Analyze the thought that you were having. Was it a future goal of yours, or was it a past event that helped move you forward.

If the thought was anything but positive, shift your reality back in your favor towards your goals and ambitions. Bring greater focus towards your dreams.

It is said that the Past, Present, or Future, happen at the exact same time. 

Our actions seem to happen almost automatically at times. Even right now our experiences from the past are creating our future, based on thought impulses we have had from previous experiences.

You Don't have to follow this Cycle. You can break out of your "norm" or "Autopilot" and take control of your own life. (We Talk about this "Autopilot" function in other blogs.)

2. Create Habits Towards Change - Find the Habits to get you to your goals.

After we aim and set our goals, we need a plan of action to get us to our goals. However the problem with this standard approach is that we often get tired, bored, or burned out when results aren't coming in at a consistent rate to keep us satisfied. 

What can we do about this? Formulate habits that can get you to your goal.

Once we have identified the goal, we can start to make checklists of what we need to do daily to accomplish those goals.

List these out and keep them with you where you can see this often throughout your day.

What habits do you do daily that goes against your goals. It is also important to list out current habits you do that are counterintuitive and go against the formulation and accomplishment of your dreams. 

Simply replace old habits with new habits.

3. Identify with the lifestyle - Two Different types of answers to questions.

We have all been in situations that have put us on the spot. The chance to identify as something we are, or "would like to become." But how do you turn these defining moments into habit reinforcements?

Say for example- you went to a nice fancy new restaurant in the heart of Downtown, Grand Rapids with some close friends.

Let's also say that you recently started a new lifestyle and changed your diet preference to Vegan. The Waiter comes out to take your order and your friends all go first. The waiter finally gets around to your order.

Now if you went vegan recently, your friends may ask you about your order choice, naturally curious about the change in your diet. 

Your response may be one of two things. "I am trying to go vegan." or "I am vegan". These two answers are both acceptable and differences very subtle. However what you don't notice is that behind the words you chose to say, tell another story about your choice. 

The first response is that of a person who still identifies as a person who is converting to a vegan.

The second response to the question is a true identity shift, somebody who already Identifies themself as a Vegan. If you would like to learn more information about the significance of this statement, check out the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Break the Obstacles that you built for yourself.

Change your thinking change your world.

Make Yourself A Priority
Tylers Wellness

Audible Audiobooks:

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

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