News [Tylers Wellness] : "If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning To Fail." - Aug 12 Development Plans

August 12, 2019

News [Tylers Wellness] : "If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning To Fail." - Aug 12 Development Plans


"If You Fail To Plan, You are Planning to Fail" - Benjamin Franklin 

We believe that planning our moves are the  best ways to be certain that we are always taking the steps in the forward direction. As such a belief, I am going to start sharing my plans for my development as I am working. 

Here is the plan for August 12 - Aug 16. As you can also notice, we only used a 5 day format. Weekends off! That is because all work and no play, makes a dull boy. I need to start also planning my personal day with the same proper level of planning that I do to plan all of my moves. 

Make Yourself A Priority.




August 12:

Morning Meeting with "B3"

Recorded a Video for Youtube. - How To Get The Most Time Out Of Your Day!

Recorded a Video for Youtube. - How to Grow Your Social Media!

Growing my Team: 

------New Team Members:


Doctor Avlon Jeffrey:

Doctor Avlon Jeffrey standing while on phone taking care of business.


Ariel Sosa IV: 

Ariel Sosa V: 

Producer Trizzy: 

Michael H: 

Brio Bottle: 

Marky Talsma: 

Chiropractic Doctor Safina: 

Glue Gods: 

William Taylor: 

Jarrod Tague: 

Jalen Primus: 

Jay King:

Jinhwa Ngandu:



Twin 2 Fit:

Tony Mitidieri:

Tiaz Beene:

Spencer Crosby:

Billy Gains:

Rebekah H:

Patrick Purpose:


Purpose Training 10:


Michael F:






Removed Old Merchandise: 

- Tee Shirts

- Shoes

- Hoodies

- Camping Tent

- Etc.


New Merchandise Ideas

- Tee Shirts

- Hoodies

- Pants

- Etc.

"Meet the Team" Page Added to Website.

Make a Plan of Action for the week.


 August 13:

Visualize Changes to Website

Grow Team - Expanded Awareness Locally. 

Away from Office for a while - Funeral Service


August 14:

Spread Local Awareness


- Matt H. 



August 15:

Add Free Online DLC

Expand Website Selection


- Rebecca S.


August 16:

Develop Next Week Plan

Website Revisions

New Merch


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