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Day 6 - Think and GO!

December 07, 2019

Day 6 - Think and GO!


How to get better at anything day 6. My idea is that I can improve on something that I have already worked on. I have my goal, and I know that if I stay with it, I will reach my goal. 

The other night, I took to bed with me the idea of how I can leave behind a legacy and have things that live on long beyond my lifetime. The answer that I came up with was simple, start building the legacy today. 

How does one simply start building a legacy, doesn't that take a lifetime to do? Well if it does take a lifetime, I should have started yesterday. However there is no set amount of time that it takes to leave behind a legacy. All it takes is an idea.

If you hold that idea and nurse it-- say for example.. in a 30 day challenge. This deeply embeds your idea into your own subconscious mind. When you allow yourself to actually think about the progression of your dream / goal- you will find that great ideas come to you more often.

Just one of those great ideas can completely change your life by revolutionizing your own work. Any time I come across a problem in what I am currently doing, if I think of a way to solve my problem, I will accomplish the goal and solve the problem.

If you're a businessman-- and you understand that solving problems is how you sell anything... You will not underestimate this process. 

How can I get started? Simply start the 30 Day Challenge. Take action and watch what happens. 


My Brainstorm session today was divided up into a smaller thinking period to make an organized plan on what to work on. And the remainder of the hour I spent actually executing those plans. 

This has been one of the most productive hours I've had in a long time.

My Brainstorm.


Goal: How Can I improve my service?


With the understanding that knowledge is only potential power. Because what good is knowing something if you don't apply that knowledge. We have to also think that there is some knowledge that we have that others do not.

This will be where you use some of the skills that you learned from formal education. How to research information and use that knowledge to create a thesis. 

The only difference is that the grade you get now from this potential life changing results. 

So how can I grow? Stop competing and just create. 


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