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Day 5. Self Improvement by Observation

December 05, 2019

Day 5. Self Improvement by Observation


It's only been 5 days of officially initiating this 30 Day Challenge, however I already am feeling the results. Results being that I can now snap right into the writing process.

I've exercised the will to just execute plans too. In the past week my productivity has increased by approximately 50%. 

Now when I start a project, I am able to work on it in deeper details and am constantly looking for ways to get better.

Every day in every way I will get better at what I do and as a person who I am.


Goal: Self Improvement of Character by Observation

My Brainstorm. Todays brainstorm is a guide to improve yourself. The downfall of most is to be too egotistical. By observing yourself for a moment, you can improve on your own character and become the person you would actually like to be.


The goal today is to think of as many ways as possible to develop my own character. To start finding out what aspects of your character you should improve on, you should first listen to the way that other people talk about you.

To do this I am going to dedicate time to meditation today and think about recent memories. 

Things to look for in these recent memories are:

1. What part I played in the final outcome? 
2. In what way did I influence the outcome?
3. Did I get the outcome I expected?


To get better every day, we have to make sure that in life situations- we can show a measure of improvement. Asking these questions, we can keep track of correlations of our actions and the results we get.

For example:

Q. What part did I play in the final outcome?
A. I was the person who closed the deal.
Q. In what way did I influence the outcome?
A. With my understanding of what the customer actually wanted, I was able to suggest my best recommendation. 
With confidence, I knew that I had the solution for the customers problem and was able to look my customer in the eye and assure them in their purchase.
Q. Did I get the outcome I expected?
A. Yes, I closed the deal.


If after you write out your base Q & A, if there are still questions on how you can improve, break it down again.

Q. How role did confidence play in the final outcome?
A. Confidence helps the customer feel assured on the decision he or she is about to make.
Q. What made me confident?
A. The fact that I knew what the customer wanted, and that I could offer the best solution. 
Q. In what way did I demonstrate confidence?
A. The ability to close the deal by looking the customer in the eyes and delivering my recommendation. 


Properly answering these questions will help you to pinpoint the traits of your own character that produce great results.

If you want to be successful in life, must think about success. Writing down your successful traits and the lesser effective traits you have- will enable you to focus on increasing the frequency in which you are successful. 


Make Yourself A Priority - Tylers Wellness. 



Note : Go Live.


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