Day 3: Question and Answer - Tylers Wellness

Day 3: Questions And Answer.

December 03, 2019

Day 3: Questions And Answer.

The One Hour A Day Improvement Blog, 30 Day Challenge. How to get better at anything. Day 3, Sunday December 3 2019

Goal: Grow The Website Tylers Wellness


My Brainstorm.

My brainstorm today is going to be in the form of questions and answers to myself. That is how I will focus and organize my thoughts today. 
Hopefully by the answers that I give, others will understand my thinking process and maybe it will help them in creative ways to further advance themselves or their company. 

Q. How could I grow my business today?

 Write 3 Blogs today. 

Q. How would I write 3 Blogs today?

 Go and read over the blogs that I have already written. Once I do that, I can write another blog that I can conjure up from asking myself questions inspired from within my own previous writings. 


Q. How can I connect my Website with my other entities?

 Within my blogs, If I have a related instagram post - embed my post from instagram within my blog and write an excerpt that explains why the post is relevant. 


Q. How can I make Tylers Wellness a long term Legacy?

 Simply continue to brainstorm ways to improve what I am now doing. One day somebody will come across these notes, read them and understand the secret that they hold. As they read these notes they will grow subconsciously.


Q. What is the service that I offer?

 We tend to underestimate the abilities of our minds. And so this brainstorm is my thoughts. If I can explain how I am thinking in a way that hopefully may make sense-- My hope is that I can reignite at any point my own creative thought process. If I read over these brainstorms in the future -- there may be a great chance that I can solve whatever problem I am facing in the future. This is public simply to offer the same service to the world. 

 This is my own creative way to test a long lifetime hypothesis. While also as it works -- it is offering lifetime service of betterment. Bettering the lives of those who read. Even if the reader doesn't like the vocabulary and grammar. Life is interesting, never forget that. 

Q. How is life interesting?

 My answer to you- test this. For these next 30 days-- I want you to go through every day as if the results you wanted had already happened. If you develop this attitude -- watch your life change. There is also a deeper reason to do this test, but i'll save that for later. 



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