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Day 2: Organized Cluster

December 02, 2019

Day 2: Organized Cluster

The One Hour A Day Improvement Blog, 30 Day Challenge. How to get better at anything. Day 2, Sunday December 2 2019


Goal: Build Wealth by Growing Assets


My Brainstorm. Today the brainstorm style I have used is more of an Organized Cluster. I allowed my mind to flow freely on any thoughts that come to me around the subject of building assets. Once I allowed it to go free, I would start to write a simple sentence on one. If my mind went elsewhere, I would start a new paragraph and write about whatever the new thought was.

I would then revisit previous thoughts and expand on them. If my mind left the subject, I would go to wherever my mind would go. 

I was able to actually produce some amazing results from this method of thinking. 


My Brainstorm:

I must observe myself and learn when I have “exhausted” my willpower before I slack.

I‌ realize that the events that happen in my life are based upon the daily habits that I‌ do. As a result I must plant the correct actions in my daily life and be self aware enough to notice what direction my actions are leading me.

Building Assets should have been my goal before I ever got recurring expenses. For anybody who understands this, rather than working for money and spending it. I am saying that you can turn your ideas into income.

Your ideas can be a business that you create, and with the internet there are tons of options available to each and every one of us.

I‌ must build assets, converting my services into wealth.

Multiple Sources of Income (MSI). Wealthy people have Multiple Sources of‌ Income. Over the last 9 months I have built up my own MSI from the businesses that I have started.

The Flip Game. Gary Vaynerchuk has introduced me to what he calls “The Flip Game”. The flip game is when you buy low and sell high. Yes, i’m talking arbitrage.

How can I improve? More Product research or offering more listings. Better photos, run video ads.

Retail Arbitrage basics. Find a product that you are interested in. There is a market for it. Learn what the lowest price is and what the market is selling for. When you find the window of margin, all you have to do is buy it cheap and list it somewhere else higher.

How can I improve? Go to more thrift shops / yard sales.

Dropshipping. This is without a doubt one of the easiest ways for anybody to become their own boss and run a business from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is find a product, and if you did the flip game- maybe that will be your product. As you grow your store, you can add more items to it and really expand into a brand.

Make an ad for your product, show a person using the product- and then you can focus on showing details of the product. End with a strong compelling call to action.

For example, a photography product. Happy Person using the product in the studio. Transition Zoom into a detail of the product. Describe the benefit of the detail, transition to another benefit factor, explain it. End it with a call to action to get theirs today etc.

How can I improve? Upgrade the quality of our video ads. Write target blogs on the dropshipping website. Learn more keywords to optimize SEO.

Social Media Marketing Agency. A social media marketing agency is an online agency for helping businesses grow their social media. Anybody who has skills marketing and growing businesses online will have a huge opportunity in this field. Boomers will pay you thousands per month to grow their social media profiles, all we have to do is sell ourselves to them and provide actual results.

How can I improve? Get a more consistent leadflow.

Modern Digital Solutions. Tylers Wellness Modern Digital Solutions is the service that covers all of “Everything” that I am doing. It all started on the internet, and with the internet- all you have to do is take action.

How can I improve? Always learn more new things. The internet changes daily, so keep learning to keep your skills sharp.

Coaching, helping people “Make Yourself A Priority”.

How can I improve? Ask the client how I can improve their session.

Personal Training because physical fitness is important.

How can I improve? Make a consistent schedule.


To build my assets I need to direct my focus. Don’t accept failure and keep persistent.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without inspiration, I‌ must stay inspired. Holding my goal before me I know that everything will end up great.

Become aware of my thoughts as well, I must not allow thoughts of fear of failure infiltrate my subconscious mind as well.

I will be successful.

Make Yourself A Priority - Tylers Wellness



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