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Day 1 - Start Somewhere, Exercise Is Exercise Strong Body, Strong Mind. The Mind Workout.

December 01, 2019

Day 1 - Start Somewhere, Exercise Is Exercise Strong Body, Strong Mind. The Mind Workout.

The One Hour A Day Improvement Blog, 30 Day Challenge. How to get better at anything. Day 1, Sunday December 1 2019

Todays Brainstorm Goal: Provide More Service


My Brainstorm. Start Somewhere. I know its a challenge to do something new that you've never done before. However you have to start somewhere. This article was once a blank page on my computer. I had no previous brainstorm journals prior. I had not researched "the perfect way to brainstorm" or any of that. 

Simply choose to start somewhere. Sitting down with all distractions away. One hour timer on. The choice is simple. Write anything or write nothing. The hour is being spent here. 

This is what I came up with.

My Brainstorm:

Improve upon the type of service that I offer. Currently I coach and offer modern digital solutions. If I were to reflect on my own experiences I can grow.

Looking back at my previous coaching notes I would be able to improve my thinking. Looking over my notes I can take notes and think about why I would have “thought” certain thoughts.

Modern Digital Solutions. ‌I can do as I‌ always do and keep learning new things when it comes to all of the digital services that offer. Keep learning new things and never limit yourself.

Revise plan. We are guided from our mind, write down all of my ideas and look over my past ideas. As we grow, our thinking should change. By writing down the thinking patterns, I will be able to watch my own improvement as time goes by. If I can start to observe my own thinking this way, I can also make sure that I‌ don’t repeat ineffective cycles of thought.

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We become what we think about. The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people -- is simply the thought. The successful person thinks he will be successful. The unsuccessful person has doubt and a million other thoughts that infiltrate their mind in critical moments. -- However you cannot reap without sewing. Plant in your mind thoughts of prosperity- Thoughts of success, Thoughts of gratitude, Thoughts of what you want. Make yourself a priority, plant this seed into your mind deep in your belief systems. You have to have faith in yourself that you will be successful in your endeavors. ⚜️ If this has helped you out at all, share this with your friends and family. Life is an exciting adventure, it should not be a bore or something to dislike or hate. ⚜️ Follow us @Tylers_Wellness for more and check out the link in my bio for my YouTube or check out the website. - ⚜️⚜️ 30 day challenge ⚜️⚜️ 1. Write on a card what you want, keep this with you and look at it throughout the day, from the moment you write it down- this is you getting what you want now. You must embody this goal. - you don't need a plan before you do this, but you may write one after if that is what you need. 2. Every day do more than you have to. 3. Take actions as if failure wasn't an option, throw away your fear. (Don't give in to your own worry, set the goal and don't let anything knock you off that course). What are you going to accomplish this next month before the new year? ✅ #tylerswellness #MakeYourselfAPriority #tylerswellnessquotes

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Progressive realization of a worthy ideal. The only real way to grow. I personally set an audacious goal, if I‌ “fail” to me this is just the first roadbump. I need to analyze the data.

“Why did I fail to achieve my goal?” This question is important, because when I start to brainstorm the reason why – I am able to see the flaws in my plan. Revise this plan and execute the new revised plan. The loop of success.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Mastermind Meeting, 2020 Club.

Dropshipping. I own a few businesses online dropshipping products, I could observe my data and think if there is any way that I‌ can improve on my sales process, or make it easier for my customer.

Facebook Ads. With cyber monday being tomorrow, and the hype already built up and producing results from black friday. I can look over the data produced from my adset in the facebook business manager.

From the book Atomic Habits, I remember that just simply improving anything by 1% daily will yield huge results over time. Given the fact that I’m also executing a 30 day challenge, why not give it a shot.

On the Facebook Business Manager I will have to think about what result I want to achieve, and then which category will get me there. The thing about setting goals is that it has to be measurable, otherwise how would I‌ know if I improved it by 1% or not.

“Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune” - Jim Rohn

It is easy to make a living, but you have to aim higher than that. Set your own bar for yourself, the world around you will not set the bar for you. You have to set the bar.

Improve traffic to the Tylers Wellness website. As a Digital solutions specialist, I have a ton of resources that I‌ am able to use to grow my business. One thing that I‌ do want to do is increase my free reoccuring traffic.

Write a Blog. I’m glad that‌ I decided to type out my thoughts as they come to mind. If I want to improve my business traffic by even 1%, a great way I‌ can do that is to write a blog.

From my marketing strategy on blog writing, I know that using hyperlinks to my other blogs i’ve written will be extremely useful for building a user base. Hyperlinks in the blog will not only make it easier for my readers to navigate through my other blogs and find content that they are interested in reading– but it will also help me develop the habit of blogging.

Create the Link. As I grow my business and partner up with other companies, I can help create the link and grow us all together. I found a way that when I‌ grow my business, I also grow my partner businesses.

As I write down my thoughts, I will be in the habit of taking the action putting my thoughts down. Over time I‌ will revise my old works and improve my voice of the author.

If my thoughts are being read, because I‌ do plan to upload this to my website- these thoughts will hopefully be useful tools for anybody who stumbles across it.

The reason successful people are successful is because they understand the success formula. It isn’t a secret, we all have used this formula some type of way in the past. I wonder if I can explain how this formula relates to the people who don’t understand how they use it.

Every day is practice. I need to also focus on improving my own character in everyday life. The key to living a better life is not to change my external environment but to change my internal way of thinking.

Life is perception, therefore how you think is how you live. What you think about you do “attract”. 1 hour a day devoted to thinking about the achievement of a goal will help anybody “attract” the goal to them- because they are actively mentally pursuing a goal.‌

As you think about a goal, you will have good ideas and bad ideas. However– the best way to have a great idea, is to have a lot of ideas. I am not afraid to “fail” because‌ I‌ know that I learn from those “failures”.

Failure is just another word for temporary defeat, and in the fact of temporary defeat I choose to consider this a problem I‌ need to solve.  I am solution minded, and solutions to my problems will come during any time of the day after repeated use of this mental exercise.

After this process is repeated long enough to become a lifestyle, I‌ know that this will be just as easy for me to do as going to the gym.

“Every day in every way.”

Make Yourself A Priority

-Tylers Wellness.

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